Geodynamic processes and mountain building

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"All men have carefully considered the materials from which the Earth we inhabit is built, have been forced to recognize that this globe has undergone great revolutions, which could only be accomplished in a long series of centuries. Vestiges of some of these revolutions have even been found in the traditions of ancient peoples....


...The philosophers of antiquity exercised their genius in tracing the order and causes of these vicissitudes; but those who were more eager to guess nature than to study it patiently relied upon imperfect observations and upon traditions disfigured by poetry and superstition; and they forged cosmogonies, or systems of world origin, more for the imagination than for the satisfaction of the mind by a faithful interpretation of nature

& geology

...It has been a long time since it was recognised that this branch of natural history, like all the others, should be cultivated only by the help of observation, and that systems should never be merely the results or consequences of facts." Horace Bénédicte De Saussure, 1779, Discours préliminaire aux voyages dans les Alpes

The Alps

In Europe, the Alps have a special geological place in terms of history, geography and the quality of the outcrops. TThere is a huge amount of data, which is why this chain is the subject of very lively debate! To feed these last ones, here are

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Not only the Alps are geologically fantastic, other regions have geological treasures as well. Therefore, here is some information (perhaps sometimes subjective) on other regions (hoping that the list will grow)


Geology education requires many documents (diagrams, maps, pictures...). We propose are some of them about different topics of Earth Sciences. Hoping that they will be useful to you. vsds

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